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Thursday, 8 March 2018


       The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the most advanced big phone you can buy thanks its oversized screen and superb cameras, even if it all looks identical to last year’s S8 Plus.


         The Galaxy S9 Plus is the most stylish-looking smartphone you can buy thanks to Samsung continuing its design ethos of melding a glass panel with a metal frame. It doesn’t look very different from the S8 Plus, but that doesn’t matter unless you’re upgrading every year and demand annual newness.

       Samsung has made small, but meaningful, changes on the back of its new phones. You’ll find the fingerprint sensor on the rear again, but now it’s aligned in the center, below the camera. The S8 Plus had a much-maligned offset scanner adjacent to the camera, and it was hard to blindly unlock your phone without smudging the camera lens.

      New to the S9 Plus is the fact that the face unlock and iris scanner biometrics now work at the same time to unlock the phone. Whenever our eyeballs or mug were looking down at the phone, it opened quickly. We’ll have to continue to test these features against Apple’s iPhone X Face ID to see which phone is less of a pain to unlock versus the relatively old-fashioned front fingerprint sensors that both companies retired from their phones. The other important design tweaks are the S9 and S9 Plus stereo speakers, a first for a Samsung flagship and, frankly, long overdue. Samsung-owned AKG Acoustics has tuned the new earpiece speaker and the bottom-firing speaker so that they’re 40% louder than the single speaker on the S8 Plus. And support for Dolby Atmos brings simulated 360-degree sound to the new smartphone. The best part.


       Samsung’s 6.2-inch display on the Galaxy S9 Plus is as expansive as it is impressive. It’s unchanged from the company’s previous Infinity Display – but that's held up to be a fantastic screen, so that’s okay with us, too. Its tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio has set the standard for all-screen smartphones. It can display a Quad HD+ resolution, yet it still looks outstanding at Full HD 1080p. It’s the combination of the futuristic-looking curved edges, vibrant colors, and high contrast ratio that make it pop.

Battery and performance.

     Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus battery life tests in the final review, but we already know that it has a 3,500mAh capacity battery – the same as the Galaxy S8 Plus. That’s still bigger than the 3,000mAh- and 3,300mAh-equipped Galaxy S9 and Note 8, so you should still get all-day battery life or better with this smartphone, even with consistent use. Hoping to eke out a few more hours courtesy of the new more efficiency chipsets that power the S9 and S9 Plus, but Samsung says we should expect similar battery performance. We’ll do more comprehensive battery draining and charging tests after MWC 2018.

Rear camáera.

       Samsung is ready for all of your nightmarish low-light photo scenarios with the Galaxy S9 Plus camera and its new f/1.5 aperture – a world’s first for a smartphone camera. Its magic is Dual-Aperture technology, which switches between an f/1.5 aperture (pulls in more light for darker scenes) to f/2.4 reduces the amount of light captured to keep photos from becoming overexposed. There also eager to continue testing Samsung’s new super slow motion video, which can capture up to 960fps at 720p HD, matching the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact. The 240fps slo-mo video has been bumped up to 1080p Full HD, too.

Bixby Vision camera.

    The Galaxy S9 Plus launches with Bixby Vision built-in this time, a basic improvement over last year’s flagship phones, which had Samsung’s AI feature defanged for several months. What’s here from day one is a virtual assistant meant to rival Siri and Google Ass

istant, and its camera integration actually makes it superior in a few ways. Live translation, particularly, impressed us by being easy to load from the camera and quickly decode foreign language signs and menus. The background color, font size and multi-line text didn’t matter to Bixby, either. No photo had to be snapped to translate what was before us. That’s great news for travelers, though you will need data to power this internet-connected feature.

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